Quality food for your slimming plan

Should you be looking for better quality food?

Slimming isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about learning a new lifestyle, one that will help you to maintain your new eight whilst enjoying the health benefits of better food and an eating plan that works for you.

Part of this lifestyle change is getting used to buying different foods. Even fresh foods can differ in quality, and you body will react better if your food isn’t veered in toxic substances, damaged in transit or left lying around in the sun when it should be in the fridge.

What do we mean by better quality food? Well, we have gone through a cycle in recent years of abandoning seasonal foods and looking at the foods we get all year round. The main problem with this approach is that the year-long demand for strawberries, for example means that during their non-seasonal growth period, they need to be grown in artificial conditions, and sometimes with the help of chemicals. Some fruits are picked before they are ripe and then artificially ripened so that they can reach the supermarket in the right condition, no matter what the time of year.

People who chose certified organic fruits and vegetables do so because they can be sure that they are eating food that has been grown in natural conditions and not forced to grow in any way. Organic fruit and vegetables are available in the supermarket, from your independent grocer, or over the internet and, in general, it is better to concentrate on eating these higher quality seasonal foods. Moreover, because they are seasonal, you will have a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet that you might not have experienced before.

Pay the same attention to the quality of meat you are eating. Whilst supermarket meat should always reach food safety standards, you may prefer to get your meat from a butcher or organic supplier. Like the fruit, this means that you know where your food has come from and, especially if you are slimming and need small amounts of meat, you will be able to get exactly what you need for the meals ahead.

Concentrating on the quality as well as the range and quantity of your food can lead to a healthier system as well as the success of your slimming plan.