Targeting fat weight loss, not muscle

When you begin to lose weight, the loss will come from your muscles as well as your fat store.

As you progress with your new eating plan, however, you need to make sure that you are using all the calories you are eating, and so you need to begin using you muscles more. Muscle burns calories where fat doesn’t and so although you don’t need to go overboard with the exercise, a little more activity once you have got used to the change in your eating habits can help you to keep your weight down.

This is important because one of the key problems with the so-called “yo-yo diet” is that people lose weight rapidly from muscle and fat stores by following a strict or crash diet. When they return to more normal eating habits, weight is re-gained, but it is always fat gain and never muscle. This often means that whilst they can be back to their pre-diet weight, it’s all fat, which is unhealthier than the original starting point.

Over-exercising isn’t the answer though, particularly if you are unused to physical activity. Sudden extreme exercise can put additional strain on your body and is dangerous to your health. The best way to approach your weight loss is to change the way you eat, so that you are beginning to lose weight at safe levels and then to make sure that you talk over any increase in physical activity with your adviser before you start.

Your goal for a successful diet is to make sure that you are eating the right foods for your body. That is why SureSlim prepares a personalised eating plan for you, taking into account the detailed results of your blood test analysis. This shows us how we can help you to balance your body’s processes to help you lose weight. Setting proper weight loss goals is important, and we help you to start losing weight whilst feeling in control of your eating. We know that weight gain goes back on as fat, usually because you stop eating the foods that work for you and start eating the ones that work against you. Controlling what you eat, along with moderate activity increases when we think the time is right, will help you to see how you can make your eating habits, weight loss and weight maintenance a positive part of your life.